Clara Maass Legacy Society

When you remember Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC) Foundation in your will or estate plans, your gift provides a legacy of good deeds for years to follow. We thank those who have made commitments of future gifts and recognize the generosity of those who have gone before us.

What is the Clara Maass Medical Center Legacy Society?

The CMMC Legacy Society recognizes families and individuals who have included a gift to Clara Maass Medical Center in their wills or other estate plans. Members share a bond of vision and fellowship – and the satisfaction of knowing that their gift will be a key element in helping the Medical Center to fulfill its mission of providing medical excellence for our community’s families for generation to come.

Who was Clara Maass?

Clara Maass was a nurse to remember. Filled with idealism and a joy for life, Clara Louise Maass found opportunity in the old Newark German Hospital where she won her nursing pin and cap in 1895. She returned in 1898 to be head nurse at the age of 21. Three years later Clara Maass offered her life in yellow fever experiments being conducted in Cuba to prove that yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitos. She volunteered to be bitten, came down with the fever, and died on August 24, 1901.* The CMMC Legacy Society is named in her memory and in honor of her legacy of sacrifice for future generations.

How do I qualify for membership?

One becomes a member by notifying us that they have included a bequest to Clara Maass Medical Center in their will or estate plan, or that they have established a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, or made CMMC the beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance policy, commercial annuity, bank account or investment account.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Legacy Society?

Members of the Legacy Society are recognized by having their names displayed on the Legacy Society donor wall in the Medical Center, as well as recognition of being a Legacy member in any appropriate publications. Members also receive CMMC publications that provide updates on new programs and services. In addition, Legacy Society members receive a signature gift as a token of appreciation and are invited to programs and private events held by CMMC, such as seminars and tours of our new facilities. Depending on the size and nature of the gifts, recognition may also include a plaque or naming opportunity. Members may choose to remain anonymous if they wish.

How do I learn more about the Legacy Society?

Simply contact us and we will be pleased to assist you in any way possible. Conversations are held in confidence with no obligation to you.

*Cunningham, John, Clara Maass — a nurse, a hospital, a spirit, 1976.